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Counselling in Sheffield, England


Counselling in Sheffield


I work with adults, who are experiencing distress due to challenging life issues. These may include for example: trauma, depression, sexual abuse, alcohol and drug dependency, bereavement, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and anger.

I support you in this process by listening really thoroughly to you and presenting an opportunity to talk through your concerns in a supportive environment and in a space where you grow to trust. You will not be judged and will always be accepted and valued.

These counselling sessions are hourly and may continue (often weekly) for as long as we both agree. I work with clients in their homes, as I have found over the years that clients can often be more comfortable in their own environment. I do not work from my home.


Awareness & Mindfulness


I work within awareness and mindfulness. What is this? Effectively it is ‘having in the conscious mind, the emotions and thoughts that are normally in the subconscious’.

I use awareness and mindfulness as my main method of counselling. This approach facilitates the clients’ opportunities to grow in knowledge about their emotional and thought processes so increasing choices in how they deal with their experiences.




I am able to offer my professional services within the context of a spiritual approach.  I shall only do this when it is appropriate and specifically requested. It is an important part of my core values that I shall never seek to impose my spirituality on other people, rather I shall always seek to respect difference. If you wish to work in these areas, I shall be pleased to do so. The same principles of acceptance, valuing, non-judgement and listening will apply.

I have a first degree in Theology and Religious Studies (Graduate Diploma) from York St. John University. I am also a trained Christian minister (Church of England) and I am a member of the Anglican Third Order of Franciscans. I am experienced in working with Christians as they explore their life issues in the context of their Christian faith.


Nicholas Rae

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I have been practising as a counsellor and therapist in Sheffield since 2007. I follow the BACP’s  Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling & Psychotherapy.

I have worked as a bereavement counsellor since 2009 and as a substance misuse counsellor for many years. I have also assisted numerous clients who were abused when children. Our work is completely confidential and this can be explained in more detail during our initial contact. I offer an initial free meeting at a third-party location (sometimes a coffee shop) for a client to have an opportunity further to assess whether she or he would like to work with me. However, this initial meeting is never counselling.

My usual rate is from £50 for a full hour session and I allow up to 15 minutes more for any administration, so that it doesn’t cut into your time. If we agree to work together, we would complete a one page Working Agreement. You are always free to arrange future sessions or not at your choosing.

If you'd like to get in touch you call me on 07718 740733, alternatively you can also click the email button on this page or email me directly at